The Value of Termite and Vermin Inspections and Damage Reports

Termites and vermin can appear within the structure of your house or building without warning. All too often the damage goes unobserved, until eventually problems start to present in the form of serious leaks, dry rot, drainage issues and roofing problems to name a few.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, and by engaging SBDIR you can rest easy knowing that any vermin/termite or building issues will be picked up immediately, enabling you to rectify the issues before they get out of hand.

In this blog post, I will be highlighting the value that my termite and vermin inspection and damage report service can bring to home and business owners.

Structural Issues

During a pest inspection, SBDIR make use of advanced thermal imaging cameras to detect colonies and nests within your building structure. If abnormalities are observed, we will then carry out a more thorough inspection of the building skeleton. It is not uncommon to discover serious structural issues whilst this takes place, usually relating to movement of house footings, poor drainage and cracking. Not only does this compromise your safety, it also allows termites and vermin to spread with ease which will only make the problems worse over time.

Drainage Issues

Poor drainage and moisture problems can contribute to the growth of mould, as well as create the perfect breeding ground for insects and pests. A thorough building inspection will highlight any issues with your plumbing, reducing your likelihood of expensive remedial works and encountering pest and vermin issues down the line.

Termite Infestation

Nearly every building contains wooden structural elements or possessions, and the risk of termite infestation will always exist. If you’ve recently moved into the building then it is well worth having a thorough inspection done to ensure no evidence of termite activity exists. If there are any issues, our detailed report will advise on the most appropriate treatment options and we can put you in touch with a fully licenced EPA pest controller.

Roofing Issues

If you’ve noticed scratching or unusual loud activity within your roof, you may have an issue with possums or rats. These animals chew electrical wires and wood, reducing structural integrity and leading to power failure and leaks. A thorough check of your roof cavity will be carried out, giving you peace of mind that your roof is structurally sound and will protect the safety of your family and colleagues.

Safety and Compliance

You might not expect to find any safety or compliance issues during a routine pest inspection, but you can rest assured that if we do find anything you will be made aware. By making you aware of these defects you will be able to engage an engineer and builder to carry out remedial works immediately.

Know your Building – Contact SBDIR Today

Termite and vermin inspections should be carried out shortly after moving into a property, and thereafter every 12 months. Techniques used by SBDIR are mostly non-invasive, with only small holes needing to be drilled for hard to access areas. SBDIR have access to a range of sophisticated equipment including FLIR Borescope, thermal cameras, FLIR damp and humidity moisture meter, probes, laser distance measure, paint sensors, DJI matrix drone and much more which enable us to deliver the most thorough results for our clients.

You would be surprised at what can turn up during a termite and vermin inspection, and with more than 40+ years’ experience I am well placed to uncover any issues and offer professional advice on how to go about repairing them. If you have any concerns about termites or vermin within your building, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.