Termite and Vermin Inspections and Damage Reports

Flir Instruments testing course.

Thermography 1 Course University of Melbourne


My 40 years building was spent mainly in the Inner West and Leichhardt Municipality undertaken extensions, renovations and additions to Terraced and Weatherboard cottage homes.

Termites and their damage was regularly encountered in varying different places in the home. I will investigate any possible infestations and damage and make a full report and Scope of works for the repair to those areas if found whilst conducting a building inspection for defective works or breaches of the BCA/NCC and Australian Standards.

Thermal Imaging cameras by Non-Destructive Testing is conducted to find colonies and nests in walls and under sub-floors. Once established a more thorough inspection can be undertaken.

Vermin such as Possums and Rats can also be detected in roof and wall cavities. They cause lots of damage by chewing wires defecating and urinating on the ceiling linings which cause disease and can be dangerous to the inhabitants of the building.

The reports are full and comprehensive noting the exact areas where the issues may be and compiling the best way to treat the issues. Some of the investigations are non-destructive, others may require small holes to be drilled for hard to access areas and for the use of a Bore Scope.

Once completed a fully licenced EPA Pest Controller will be engaged to exterminate the problem and report on the conclusion of their works.


I have many specialist instruments and equipment for reaching hard to access areas including:

  1. Flir Borescope with two way 2m long articulated LED lit camera
  2. Thermal Cameras FLIR E75 and E6
  3. Flir Damp and Humidity moisture meter
  4. Starret digital calipers
  5. De-Felsko Positector 6000 with FNS Probe for all metallic surface coatings. NAS Probe for all Anodised aluminium coatings and Surface coating probe for all other material coatings such as paint and waterproof membranes.
  6. De-Walt cross line lasers (Green and Red)
  7. Stabila laser distance measure, Rotating site laser and telescopic and digital levels.
  8. Bosch metal, timber and electrical cable wall finder
  9. NIX Paint sensor and colour matching technology
  10. DJI Matrice 210 Drone with Z30 zoom camera and FLIR XT2 Thermal Camera. Flying and inspection lights. IP 43 weather resistant.