How to Spot New House Construction Problems

How to spot new house construction problems? The recommended way is to request for an inspection. Professionals will then detect problems in tiling, waterproofing and even possible termite damage.

Common problems with new homes such as:

  • Improper tile installation (cracks and gaps will result)
  • Waterproofing issues (failed waterproofing membranes, the residence might become inhabitable)
  • Termite damage (this still occurs even in the first year of a new home)
  • Faulty electrical connections (can be detected through Thermal Inspection)
  • Leaking roofs

often occur because of lack adherence to construction standards. Perhaps the building contractor cut corners or used substandard materials. These problems will result to financial losses, property damages and even health and safety risks to families.

Signs of new home construction defects

Construction defects are particularly difficult to detect because of new paint or the home was not tested yet (e.g. real problems may only be revealed by rain or daily occupancy of the home). But when a family starts residing in the property, the issues become apparent in the first few months.

It’s especially the case with waterproofing failures which can result to thousands of dollars of property damages. The toilet and bathroom should be watertight. This is accomplished by following Australian standards. However, some contractors might have neglected the crucial aspects of waterproofing. As a result, the water will seep through to floors, walls and ceilings. Aside from property damages, this also leads to health and safety risks (microbes will thrive and harm the residents).

That’s why it’s already too late before you see the signs of new home construction defects. The damage has been done already. The effects could be gradual or sudden. Whichever is the case, an early or proactive inspection could have prevented the issue in the first place.

Spot new house construction problems early on

That’s why many new homeowners (including property buyers) request for a timely inspection before residing or buying the property. This way the defects can be detected early and then corrected upon (or the property buyers will change their minds).

Inspections of this type require extensive knowledge about construction (e.g. tiling, waterproofing) and Australian standards. That’s why here at Sydney Building Defects Inspections and Reports, our team has decades of construction experience. They’re already knowledgeable about all construction issues and building defects. They also use specialised tools to spot all the potential problems.

Contact us today and we’ll find the tiling, waterproofing, dampness and other construction issues in your home or property.