Simplifying Building Inspections and Enhancing Possibilities

The introduction of drone technology has meant great things for the building and construction industry, allowing us to conduct thorough inspections in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. But this isn’t the only area to benefit from drone technology, as it is also used to survey bridges and spans such as viaducts and aqueducts, as well as to film high-quality video for film and TV. In this blog post, we’ll be filling you in on this incredible technology and how SBDIR plans to use it.

Structural Defects in High Rise Buildings and Structures

Australia is in the middle of a construction boom, and with a rapidly expanding population there has been a noticeable increase in the size and height of buildings in our major cities. Now more than ever, building managers are required to meet strict contractual obligations to ensure their building is compliant with all regulations and safe for occupation. Drones can help significantly in this regard, allowing the operator to quickly determine any anomalies/structural defects without needing to scale the building himself.

Drones can begin from the top and work their way down to the bottom of the building, capturing high quality video that can be viewed in real time via a tablet. With the click of a button, photos can be taken for later reference. Equipped with Zenmuse Z30 cameras, our drones can zoom in on defects such as cracking, giving you a better understanding of structural integrity and the ability to carry out necessary repairs before the problem gets any worse. No challenge is too tough for our drones.

Here are just a few examples of the types of buildings drones can survey:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Apartments
  • Corporate Offices
  • Communications Towers
  • Power Lines

Manually surveying these structures is an incredibly dangerous activity, and it is also labour intensive as it requires the use of access equipment and scaffolding. When you take all of this into account, the costs can really start to add up. By opting for a drone survey, your business will not only save money and time but also receive a highly detailed and thorough inspection report.

Bridges, Viaducts and Aqueducts

Bridges, viaducts and aqueducts are notoriously difficult to survey due to their sheer height. Many of these structures were built hundreds of years ago, and thus have a need for regular inspections. By opting for drone surveys, you can avoid closing the bridge entirely and complete a highly accurate survey in just a few short sessions.

Our drones will:

  • Operate at a safe height and pose no risk to the rail/traffic/pedestrians below
  • Quickly capture 360-degree images and video of your site
  • Negate the need to shut down the network and go to the trouble of using line blocks and possessions
  • Utilise infrared and thermal imaging to quickly identify defects
  • Access hard to reach areas such as underside of the bridge and in between beams and girders

360-Degree Aerial Photography

If you’re a developer sussing out a new site, drones can be very useful if you wish to take 360-degree photos of the view and use them in your presale advertising alongside concept drawings. Before construction even begins, you can simply tell us the height you want photos taken from and we will provide you with highly detailed photographs and video to give a realistic impression of the view.

Event, Film and TV Production

Drones allow you to record a lasting memory for special occasions such as weddings, conferences and product launches. Filming from the air allows you to explore dramatic new angles and capture footage of vast areas of land, creating a whole new perspective that is both immersive and exciting to watch.

Dramatic scenes that can be captured by drones include:

  • Herds of wild animals/stampedes
  • Weather Events
  • Chase Scenes for Films (e.g. James Bond – Skyfall)
  • Mountains and other landscapes

Need a Professional Drone Pilot? SBDIR is Here for You

SBDIR are excited about the opportunities that our new fleet of drones may bring. We look forward to working with building managers, individuals and professional cinematographers alike as we expand our service offering over the coming years.

Please get in touch with me today on 0419 416, submit an enquiry on my website or email if you have any further questions about our drone service, or if you would like to book a building inspection.