Project Management

I have been building for approximately 37 years mainly on older buildings renovating, additions and extensions as well as other areas of high rise and retirement villages.

There is nothing I have not come across in that time and sometimes I am even surprised as to the poor professional trade work or problems exposed in these areas.

When undertaking reports on building defects I can also cost and project manage any repairs that are required to comply with the NCC and Australian Standards referred to in the NCC.

These Australian Standards are ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ in their compliance however the only standard not referenced is the Tiling code AS3958.1-2007 which is accepted as the only one industry wide that ‘deems to satisfy’ outside of that and is recognised with its content.

Once a defect or future scope of works is identified I can prepare Scott Schedules for Civil court or NCAT hearings or just quotes/estimates for the property owners and organise and engage the contractors to undertake the works to rectify any issues that are non-compliant to completion.


I have many specialist instruments and equipment for reaching hard to access areas including:

  1. Flir Borescope with two way 2m long articulated LED lit camera
  2. Thermal Cameras FLIR E75 and E6
  3. Flir Damp and Humidity moisture meter
  4. Starret digital calipers
  5. De-Felsko Positector 6000 with FNS Probe for all metallic surface coatings. NAS Probe for all Anodised aluminium coatings and Surface coating probe for all other material coatings such as paint and waterproof membranes.
  6. De-Walt cross line lasers (Green and Red)
  7. Stabila laser distance measure, Rotating site laser and telescopic and digital levels.
  8. Bosch metal, timber and electrical cable wall finder
  9. NIX Paint sensor and colour matching technology
  10. DJI Matrice 210 Drone with Z30 zoom camera and FLIR XT2 Thermal Camera. Flying and inspection lights. IP 43 weather resistant.