Progress Inspections and Reports

Checking on the quality of the building works in relation to Australian Standards and the BCA and NCC 2016 as construction is ongoing.

Making sure the payment claim is respective of the progress of the work undertaken at that time.

Checking Variations are properly costed and detailed for the work being carried out.

Making sure that the Construction Program is being adhered to and delays documented as a result of variations, Architects drawings being poorly detailed and weather issues.

Reports for Financial Institutions and Lenders in relation to the above.

I have 17 years-experience out of the 40 years in the industry in Building and Developing in and around the Balmain area I have a good understanding of reporting to the Banks and Lenders for payment/progress claims and local council Draft Control Plans (DCP) and Local Environmental Plans (LEP) Compliance.


I have many specialist instruments and equipment for reaching hard to access areas including:

  1. Flir Borescope with articulated camera
  2. Flir Thermal imaging camera
  3. Flir Damp and Humidity moisture meter
  4. Starret digital calipers
  5. De-Felsko Positector membrane and paint thickness detector for all materials
  6. De-Walt cross line lasers (Green and Red)
  7. Stabila laser distance measure, Rotating site laser and telescopic and digital levels.
  8. Bosch metal, timber and electrical cable wall finder
  9. DJI Drone weatherproof with Zoom camera
  10. NIX Paint sensor and colour matching technology