Keep Your Building Free from Damp and Mould: Here’s How

How to keep your building free from damp and mould? First, a comprehensive damp and thermography report is important in designing corrective and preventive solutions. Then, those solutions should be successfully implemented to prevent possible harm to occupants and other users of the building.

What causes dampness in buildings?

Dampness is a huge concern because of mould growth (damp environments can make moulds and other organisms to thrive). Respiratory problems may also be the result of stale air and dampness.

Mainly it’s because of the penetration of water into the building through capillary action, leaks and condensation. This could be caused by water pipe leaks, voids, defective HVAC system and other factors.

Those causes themselves can result to serious property damages and hazards to the building occupants. In many cases, dampness is only a symptom of more serious problems in building construction.

For instance, pipe leaks will result to water damages (dirty watermarks on ceilings, floors and walls). Voids and lack of proper sealants may also cause other elements aside from water to come into the building. A defective HVAC system may blow up your energy bill and even cause environmental harm (e.g. refrigerant leaks).

How to detect dampness early on

Many professionals use thermal scanning and imaging to detect and show the dampness. This is accomplished by viewing and measuring the heat differences in floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

Once the heat signature for dampness is detected and viewed, professionals can then perform further investigations (e.g. drilling of small holes, inserting a camera) to verify the root cause of the problem.

Finally, they would recommend cost-effective measures to solve the problem and keep your building free from damp and mould. The measures may include fixing the pipe leaks, sealing the voids and replacing some of the construction materials.

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