Drones – A Great Asset to the Construction Industry

Drones have many uses, but nowhere are the benefits more obvious than in the construction industry. Commercial drones equipped with sophisticated imaging technologies are able to give developers a clearer understanding of their site, as well as frequent updates as the build progresses.

Recent research has shown that construction is the biggest industry sector for commercial drones, with an annual spend of around $11 billion USD throughout 2018. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting the uses for drones in construction and how they can make your job easier.

Inspection and Progress Tracking

Any development is a big undertaking, and you want to minimise the level of risk as much as possible. Having a clear understanding of the site topography is a critical step if you want to meet your schedule and stay under budget, and this is exactly where drones come in.

In the past, developers would need to shell out for expensive fly overs using fixed wing aircraft, not to mention the associated expense of ground control points. Of course you can also make use of GPS systems, but again it involves a significant investment. Drones can complete the task in a fraction of the time, helping to save your business money and enabling you to get started sooner than you otherwise would.

By capturing highly detailed images from the sky, you will be able to immediately identify any potential issues with your site which would otherwise go unnoticed,  potentially putting your project behind schedule. Progress tracking is one of the most common uses for drones, and it is well worth considering engaging a qualified drone operator to keep an eye on things.

Conducting a drone flyover once a week will give you accurate photographic records of build progress which you can store away for future reference. These images can then be shown during site meetings to help clarify any issues and keep your project on track for success.

Surveying and Mapping

Drones make short work of conducting a site survey. Equipped with sensors, cameras, thermographic imaging, mounts and surveying software they can capture vast amounts of data in a short space of time. They can be used for everything from boundary surveys through to LiDAR mapping, Digital Elevation Models and more.

You can zero in on important features to get highly detailed images, and you can even program a flight path for any ongoing volume surveys.

Maintenance and Safety

Construction sites are high-risk environments, and personal safety is a top priority. Any building or machinery faults can be quickly diagnosed without needing to put your personnel in harms way. It is not uncommon for fire and electrical faults to occur, and by sending in a drone you will be able to gain a clearer picture of the cause of the fault before notifying emergency services or engaging a specialist team to carry out a fix. Knowing exactly what your personnel will face greatly reduces risks to personal safety, helping to protect your business from costly compensation claims.

Diagnose Building Faults and Construction Defects

As buildings continue to get taller and taller, so too will the uptake of drone technologies. No longer do you need to engage a team of building inspectors who will take many hours to diagnose faults, simply contact SBDIR and we’ll send our drones up the side of your building to detect any thermal bridges, hot and cold air loss or water ingress. We will also inspect your building for any damage or construction defects so that you can carry out remedial works immediately, before the issue gets out of hand. Using drones throughout the build helps to guarantee quality workmanship and reduce the risk of the new owners/occupants encountering issues after handover.

SBDIR – Helping Builders Achieve Success

If you are a property developer or contractor and would like to discover how a licensed drone operator can help you, please get in touch with me today. At SBDIR we are excited about the impact drones are having on the construction industry, and we are proud to play a role in ensuring your success.