Dilapidation Reports


A Dilapidation Report is a report on the condition of a premises prior to building or construction work taking place adjacent or nearby dependent on the scale of the project.

It records the condition of the building and any damage present at a point in time when any aspects of the building that maybe affected by that work can be recorded as having become worse as a result of the building project.


40 Years-experience as a builder working on terraced homes mainly from 1990-2007 in the Leichhardt municipality I was constantly working with dilapidation reports for the neighbouring premises.

Detailed information is provided in written and photographic form for use in disputes at NCAT, CIVIL COURT and COUNCIL REQUIREMENTS or for records for residential and commercial tenants and owners when moving in and out of premises they have occupied and altered or possibly damaged.

These reports will also include a remediation schedule, scope of works and cost estimates to reinstate the area to its previous condition.

These reports can focus on wall cracks, doors not closing, water run-off, cracked pathways, damp issues, external and internal wall movement, soil erosion, dust and damage caused by constant vibration.


This area of work also includes reports on poorly maintained buildings that require multiple areas of remedial work caused by years of neglect.


I have many specialist instruments and equipment for reaching hard to access areas including:

  1. Flir Borescope with articulated camera
  2. Flir Thermal imaging camera
  3. Flir Damp and Humidity moisture meter
  4. Starret digital calipers
  5. De-Felsko Positector membrane and paint thickness detector for all materials
  6. De-Walt cross line lasers (Green and Red)
  7. Stabila laser distance measure, Rotating site laser and telescopic and digital levels.
  8. Bosch metal, timber and electrical cable wall finder
  9. DJI Drone weatherproof with Zoom camera
  10. NIX Paint sensor and colour matching technology