Building Consultants – A Vital Asset for any Construction Project

Commencing any construction project is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Managing builders can be time consuming and stressful, especially if you aren’t used to project management, and that’s exactly where a building consultant can help. No one wants to be dealing with time consuming and potentially costly project setbacks, and by engaging the services of SBDIR you can rest easy in the knowledge that your project is being managed effectively and is on track for success.

In this blog post, we will highlight the value of our building consultant services. Don’t risk it – contact us today to enquire about our building inspection and construction oversight services for residential and commercial projects.

Meeting Timelines

Any number of issues can hold up your project, ranging from contractor availability through to shoddy workmanship, petty disagreements and more. It is critical that you choose a reputable builder with many years of experience behind them if you want your project to progress smoothly.

As building consultants, we know the construction industry well and can assist in resolving disputes and managing contractors.

Building Codes/Standards and Builders Licenses

The Building Code of Australia contains an extensive list of requirements for residential and commercial buildings. Failing to meet any one requirement will render your building non-compliant, and thus it cannot be occupied.

Before commencing construction, SBDIR can conduct thorough background checks on your builder to ensure they hold all applicable licenses and registration. We will analyse your contract in detail to uncover any potential issues and ensure that you are paying a fair rate based on the workload involved and previously benchmarked data.

Throughout the build, we will conduct thorough inspections to ensure that all BCA requirements are met. At SBDIR, we are invested in your success and do everything we can to help you avoid conflict and prevent costly building litigation procedures down the track.

Builder Assistance

As a builder, there may be times where you need an extra helping hand. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or a simple renovation, SBDIR can provide expert advice and independent mediation as required. We will also carry out periodic inspections at key phases of construction, which can be of benefit if you ever face a dispute and would like an independent opinion to assist in resolving the matter.

With 40+ years’ experience as a hands-on builder, SBDIR have a deep understanding of the industry and its challenges. Rest assured that with our highly specialised equipment, knowledge and commitment to excellence we can assist you with any aspect of construction, defect inspection, rectification works and more.

NCAT, Civil Court and Dispute Resolution

Despite your best efforts, sometimes building projects go awry. Not all builders deliver on their promises, and you may be wondering why your bank account seems to be getting smaller, yet construction seems to be at a standstill. In such cases I can provide building consultancy advice, helping to minimise disruption and ideally come to a resolution before legal action commences.

As an experienced building inspector, I can carry out thorough inspection of the building to identify any defects. You will then be provided with thorough technical reports which can be presented in court if necessary.

Invested in Your Success – Contact SBDIR Today

At SBDIR, we want our client’s projects to run successfully and smoothly from conception through to completion. By providing assistance at key stages of your project, you can rest assured that someone is keeping a watchful eye over quality control and is available to step in should any disputes arise.

If you are about to commence a project and would like my assistance, please get in touch today on 0419 416 040, email or submit an online enquiry.