Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act NSW 1999

I have been undertaking the collating of evidence for adjudication for 8 years under the SOPA NSW 1999 and BCIPA QLD.

To date I have never lost a matter for adjudication representing mainly Applicants but I also undertake work for Respondents.

My single biggest achievement was retrieving $226000.00 from a large Builder on behalf of a QLD based Formwork company. I have also compiled evidence for submissions by third parties where one claim was in excess of $330000.00.


With 40 years-experience as a Builder working on Residential and Commercial high- rise projects I have a distinct intuition of how these claims arise and by using my knowledge and understanding of Building I have proven to be a very tough adversary for anyone counter claiming on my client’s behalf.

Lawyers are not really required under the ACT until a large sum is reached and the process becomes too much for one person to navigate.

Whilst Lawyers understand how to put the matter in front of a judge they do not fully understand the process of how an adjudicator will view the evidence which is where my skills and intuition help to logically create a document that the Adjudicator can understand without just referring to the ACT clauses on their own and this has worked for me gaining 100% track record to date.

I undertook a 3-day seminar for Adjudicators run by a well-known ANA. (Authorised Nominating Authority) to understand who adjudicates over these applications and how they think which proved very useful from my point of view.