Beware of These 3 Common Defects in Building Construction

Common defects in building construction include waterproofing failures, tiling defects and inadequate moisture protection (damp coming through floors, ceilings and walls). These defects result to expensive repairs and even hazards to the end users of the building.

For instance, deficient waterproofing can lead to extensive damage of walls and floors. In addition, the water seeping through could serve as a perfect environment for parasites and pests to thrive. The area could then be harmful to the inhabitants of the building.

Why building construction defects occur?

Poor workmanship is often the main cause of construction defects. Perhaps products such as tiles and adhesives were installed against the manufacturer’s specifications. It’s also possible that the contractors have insufficient trade qualifications in the first place.

Improper installation of tiles and adhesives may result to cracks (and possible falling off of the tiles from walls). Insufficient waterproofing will make the water seep through and damage the surrounding walls and floors. Inadequate moisture protection will result to dampness and encourage mould growth (which may cause respiratory problems to the building occupants).

These potential problems should be spotted early on to prevent more expensive repairs and hazards to the end users of the building. This can be accomplished through a timely inspection done by professionals.

Professional inspections and comprehensive damage reports

For instance, here at Sydney Building Defects Inspections and Reports we perform thorough inspections while using the information from Building Code of Australia, National Construction Code and other Australian standards as reference.

We determine and locate the poorly constructed elements in a building. We also provide comprehensive reports so you know which areas need repairs. We use specialist instruments to accurately determine those areas while utilising our decades of construction experience to better provide you with accurate information.

Common defects in building construction

Waterproofing, tiling and dampness are the common concerns in building construction. Standards and specifications were not followed, which is why expensive and dangerous problems arise once the occupants move in to the property.

It’s recommended to spot those construction defects before they cause problems to the building’s inhabitants. That’s why many property managers and owners contact us here at Sydney Building Defects Inspections and Reports. We do a professional and rigorous inspection of all the possible poorly constructed elements of residential and commercial buildings.

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