Bathroom Waterproofing Mistakes: How to Spot Them Early

Bathroom waterproofing mistakes are often about failure to adhere with Australian Standards. These mistakes include lack of waterproofing within the shower recess, in the vertical angle between the shower walls and in the whole bathroom floor (especially if it’s above the home’s ground floor).

Inadequate waterproofing in those areas will result to expensive property damages and health risks. Gradually, unsightly and unsanitary watermarks will appear on the floors, walls and ceilings near or under the bathroom. The areas damaged might even become uninhabitable.

How to detect waterproofing issues?

Often it’s too late before the issues become apparent. After all, the actual damages reveal the problem. This should not be the case because the resulting damages will be very expensive to repair or replace.

That’s why many families and property owners now request for a waterproofing inspection. The professional inspectors will then assess the following:

  • Was a thorough surface preparation done before applying the waterproofing membrane? (failure to do this will compromise the membrane’s usefulness)
  • Is the floor of the shower recess completely waterproofed? (this is the most wet area so it should be prioritised)
  • Is the drainage system working optimally? (consistent standing water will make waterproofing fail earlier than expected)

Those are just a few of the important considerations. For instance, professionals might also inspect the tiling (e.g. did the contractors consider expansion and contraction due to temperature changes?). This way, qualified inspectors would have a complete picture and then recommend the most cost-effective solution to remedy the problem.

How to correct bathroom waterproofing mistakes

It starts with having accurate information which results from a thorough assessment of your bathroom. That’s why the professionals who assess the construction issues and damages have extensive building experience themselves.

Here at Sydney Building Defects Inspections and Reports, our professionals detect issues using their construction expertise. They’re knowledgeable about the latest Australian standards and best practices in tiling, waterproofing and other construction tasks.

Contact us today and we’ll promptly identify the bathroom waterproofing issues in your home. We will then provide you with cost-effective suggestions based on our comprehensive reports.