Why an Asbestos Clearance Certificate is Required?

Why an asbestos clearance certificate is required? This is to ensure that all pieces and fragments of asbestos are already removed. Without the clearance certificate after asbestos removal procedures were performed, people will not be allowed to enter the area or building.

After asbestos removal

Whether it’s a residential or commercial premise, the clearance certificate is required after the removal of asbestos. To ensure correctness and accuracy, the one providing the clearance certificate should not be related to the asbestos removal company (or the clearance certificate provider should not be engaged in asbestos removal).

This is to prevent conflict of interest in the inspection of the area if asbestos has been successfully removed. This is because it’s possible that some asbestos fragments still remain in the walls, vinyl floor tiles, roofs and sidings.

This is also crucial to the health and safety of the inhabitants of the home or building. After all, asbestos can result to serious dangers especially when there’s long-term exposure.

When do property owners/managers request for clearance?

Aside from requesting clearance certificate after removal of asbestos, property owners and managers also request for it when:

  • They’re buying a new property (pre-purchase clearance and inspection)
  • There’s a proposed renovation or addition to a home or building


This is to ensure the health and safety of the future users of the building. It’s especially the case with buildings renovated or constructed before 1985. That’s because asbestos was still used back then as a material in soundproofing, fireproofing and insulation.

Also, the removal itself can result to greater risks. That’s because asbestos fibres might be released during the removal procedure. Analysis of air samples and additional testing might be required before a clearance certificate will be issued.

Why an asbestos clearance certificate is required?

First, it’s about the safety of the present and future inhabitants of a building (whether residential or commercial). It’s also about compliance because after all, standards were set to protect the health and safety of residents, families and commercial tenants of an establishment.

Here at Sydney Building Defects Inspections and Reports, we’re qualified to provide you with an Asbestos Assessment and Clearance Report for your home or business premises. We use specialist instruments and recommend a removal plan if asbestos was still present in the area.

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