Asbestos Assessments & Clearance Certificates

ASBESTOS ASSESSMENTS and CLEARANCE certificates and Asbestos Contaminated material registers (ACM) NON-FRIABLE.

I am qualified to provide you with an Asbestos Assessment and Clearance report for your home or business premises if found whilst i am undertaking a building inspection for possible defects and non compliant works related to poor building practices or breaches of the NCC/BCA codes and standards.

How do you know this would be required?

Asbestos comes from the Greek word ‘INEXTINGUISHABLE’

No SAFEWORK Licensed Asbestos Business is allowed to undertake any Asbestos removal until a third party not a business or person related to that entity has undertaken an Assessment on site of the Asbestos type product and where it is located. Once found an approved Asbestos removal company is engaged to undertake the works.

A description and removal plan is devised (ASSESSMENT) and once this has been received by the Building Owner and the Removal Company the process can begin.

A Clearance Certificate is issued by the Assessor as long as the removal company has complied with the instructions given after completion.

All Business in Commercial buildings built between the 1940-1985 must have an ACM register (Asbestos Contaminated Material) that is updated annually especially if there is Asbestos present and it has been disturbed as a result of building alterations or damage.

There are two main types of Asbestos Friable and Non-Friable both of which today would be in some form of breakdown wherever situated.

NON-FRIABLE is usually found in homes and commercial premises built between 1940-1970 and all three types Blue, Brown and White were banned in 1985.

The most common in these premises is the White Asbestos in a bonded matrix such as corrugated roof sheeting and wall and ceiling claddings internally and externally.

If found and the area is under 10 sq/m I will also remove and dispose of the product under SAFEWORK guidelines

Some NON-FRIABLE Asbestos becomes Friable after years of being weathered and this can lead to additional costs and Air monitoring being required.

The areas affected by this if internally should also be professionally vacuumed using a special designated Asbestos HEPA Vacuum.

The manufacturers of these products were allowed to use their stock up after 1985 which has left a legacy of homes up until 2003 having these residual products when it was totally banned.

FRIABLE is usually found within industrial manufacturing buildings usually in conjunction with NON-FRIABLE products from 1940-1985.

It is extremely toxic being the BLUE or BROWN powder form.

I can assess these buildings for the NON-FRIABLE Asbestos but if I find FRIABLE ASBESTOS I have to notify a Hygienist Company to undertake Air Control Monitoring and to advise on the removal plan and issue the Clearance Certificates.

An ACM register must also be created and updated annually after inspection.

The cost of these services is dependent on the building type and the amount or position of that Asbestos.

HOUSE CLEARANCE checks can be also be undertaken for the Asbestos prior to Pre-Purchase and any proposed renovations or additions on a home.


I have many specialist instruments and equipment for reaching hard to access areas including:

  1. Flir Borescope with two way 2m long articulated LED lit camera
  2. Thermal Cameras FLIR E75 and E6
  3. Flir Damp and Humidity moisture meter
  4. Starret digital calipers
  5. De-Felsko Positector 6000 with FNS Probe for all metallic surface coatings. NAS Probe for all Anodised aluminium coatings and Surface coating probe for all other material coatings such as paint and waterproof membranes.
  6. De-Walt cross line lasers (Green and Red)
  7. Stabila laser distance measure, Rotating site laser and telescopic and digital levels.
  8. Bosch metal, timber and electrical cable wall finder
  9. NIX Paint sensor and colour matching technology
  10. DJI Matrice 210 Drone with Z30 zoom camera and FLIR XT2 Thermal Camera. Flying and inspection lights. IP 43 weather resistant.