3 Wall Tiling Mistakes Your Contractor Might Have Left

Yes, there are probably a few wall tiling mistakes left behind by the contractor in your apartment building. Mainly it’s because of poor craftsmanship and failure to adhere to building codes. Whichever is the case, you need to spot those mistakes and correct them early on before they cause inconveniences to your building occupants.

1. First mistake: Lack of movement joints at regular intervals

Many construction materials actually undergo expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. The purpose of the movement joints is to accommodate those changes to help maintain the integrity of the tiled surface.

If there are insufficient movement joints (or they’re not present at all), the structure will be compromised. Cracks on the grout and tiles may appear. There were also a few cases when tiles actually fell off from walls.

2. Inconsistent spacing

This is the result of shoddy or rushed work. Due to rising construction demand, unqualified tradesmen might have been assigned to do the job. It’s also possible that the tile installation was rushed due to a very restricted project timeline.

Aside from ruining the aesthetics of walls, inconsistent tile spacing and misalignment may also present risks to occupants. It’s possible that the wrong type of adhesive (or wrong amounts and percentage) might have been used to place the tiles. The tiles might fall off and possibly injure someone within the vicinity.

This tiling mistake is easy to spot because it’s readily visible. In contrast, the first mistake mentioned above (lack of movement joints) may require expertise to detect. We’ll talk more about this shortly.

3. Waterproofing issues

Walls of bathrooms and laundry rooms also require sufficient waterproofing as the floors. Aside from protecting the structure underneath the tiles, proper waterproofing will also contribute to the long-term integrity and aesthetic value of the tile wall.

It’s often too late when waterproofing issues become obvious. That’s because the water damage has already ruined parts of the floors, walls and ceilings. The failed waterproofing might also compromise the health of the occupants because the water damage may promote mould growth.

Find the wall tiling mistakes as soon as possible

Most of the tiling mistakes (and other construction defects) can be difficult to detect early on. After all, many of the signs aren’t obvious until costly repairs and replacements are finally required.

If you want to prevent costly repairs and inconveniences to your building occupants, you can contact us here at Sydney Building Defects Inspections and Reports. We have decades of hands-on building experience which equipped us to find any construction defect. We’ll also provide comprehensive reports and recommendations for cost-effective repairs.